30 Rock (Comedy Central) has a cult following and with its successful run of five episodes, one can undeniably tell how hard the people behind this successful television show worked hard to make the most of the show.

Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Jane Krakowski, and Jack McBrayer are among the guys who are the only regular cast members since it was first aired. It almost has similar approach to the equally great comedy and one of the most favourite shows so far, The Office. Thanks to the episodes penned by head writer and creator, Tina Fey herself.

30 Rock is an award winning program, truly funny and shows adult oriented jokes. Produced in a single camera setup and are usually filmed Silvercup studios in Long Island City, Queens, New York. The casts seem all fitted together minding that the casting was done by the creator herself, with certain people in her mind.

30 Rock premiered on NBC at the same time shown as a themed drama at first but surprises us when it turns comedic. The story of the television series sitcom, centers on Liz Lemon (Fey), a single, thirty-something who heads up writing and production of “The Girlie Show".

It went along just fine, but when the network's hired mucky muck, an arrogant guy whose entertainment experience is almost nil and whose previous departmental supervision dealt with hardware appliances named Jack Donaghy(Alec Baldwin, relishing his ubiquity as comedic ace and character actor everyman)is hired to overlook the show's production the pot gets stirred.

His first move is to shake up the cast of her show by bringing aboard Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan, who redefines acting with such abandonment), a talented comic with alarming tendencies to emotional meltdowns and irrational behavior.

Her life was made even harder, as she dealt with a sexually insecure blonde starlet with aging problems (Jane Krakowtski) who take Liz as a friend.

A great cast ensemble is just what the show needs to complete the expected delivery of successful show. All the countless wins in Emmy Awards, is just a proof that things are really cool around 30 Rock. Give it a shot and surely you will understand what we said about comedy.


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