One of the famous lines in the television series 90210 is if "You wanna live in the zip, you've gotta live by the code!” Somehow, this code has been the core idea of how the story of the show goes.

Based on the television drama hit from Fox back in the 90’s, Beverly Hills, 90210 is the series that turn all our eyes on our television sets. Teens loved it because of its spontaneity. The teens from the hit show had grown to be some of the famous actors to date.

Beverly Hills, 90210 is an American teen drama series that made its first franchise of the now 90210 TV series, developed by Rob Thomas, Jeff Judah, and Gabe Sachs.  It revolves around the life of a group of students studying at a fictional West Beverly Hills High.

The series centers on what seems to be a group of teenagers that will have each part of one’s life one way or another. Included in this trail of group are the new Beverly Hills residents Annie and Dixon Wilson. In the very heart of the Beverly Hills area, they had a chance encounter with Naomi, Silver, Adrianna and others as the drama goes on.

The show focus relatively on Dixon and Annie Wilson, and how they have dealt with change, since they moved to Beverly Hills from Kansas. It has a typical approach for a teen drama show. There are concerns about drugs, rape, pregnancy, gender preferences and many more, which shows more bold issues than its 90’s version.

The show is decent and the acting is an “OK” for the first part of the season. But as the show progressed we see more of the characters build up for their roles, the writers are doing a great job in keeping up with the trend of how teenagers act today. With the shows bolder and much surreal ingredients, the series will surely result to have a much better following than the first franchise. Good acting and good writing are the only things needed for a successful show.


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