The Good Wife is about the story of Allicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), and her husband Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) a former state attorney who has been jailed because of a very public sex and corruption scandal. She got back on her feet and returns to her old job as litigator at Stern, Lockhart and Gardner law firm, to provide for her children. Despite the ongoing scandal that surrounds her family, she started to pick herself from the bottom of her career. As the show progresses we see Alicia having an affair with Will Gardner (Josh Charles).

So what do we expect from this drama series?

First of all, the show is really intriguing and at the same time interesting. The script writers work so hard to come up with a very realistic dialogue and current style as it competes with other American legal drama genre.

The Good Wife series was put together by Robert King and Michelle King and both also serves as executive producers of the show. The show had already garnered several nominations and awards from Emmy Awards and Screen Actors Guild award and many more.

If you haven’t seen any of The Good Wife seasons yet, now is the right time.

What makes the show click is that it has a lot of something else to offer aside from its terrific writing. For a legal drama series, it takes a lot of research and documentation whether the facts in the drama fits into reality, especially the legal issues and debate which is usually tackled on the show.

But what really sets it apart is that although the show is a law show genre, it does not specifically centers its story on crimes or criminals. The Good Wife explores the characters personal lives. With a great casts, it will surely be nice to see where the next arc will focus on.


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