About Channel131

Because we enjoy watching our favorite actors in their latest movies and our favorite TV shows, although time is quite limited and it does not allow going to the cinema or spending too much in front of the home television, we have to look for other methods to do this. And, it seems that we have found it on the Internet, a place that can be called the second home of the persons from our generation.
Channel 131 can be called heaven by the persons that want to watch their favorite TV shows and the latest movies on the Internet. If you don’t know what it is all about, a brief visit to www.ch131.com will be enough to provide you a clear image of what you can find there. Although the site looks awfully simple, believe us that it offers great functionality and you can find the stuff that you are interested in extremely fast. In addition, the persons that are taking care of the site seem to be serious and respect the visitors by uploading TV shows in just a short amount of time after they have been broadcasted for the first time on television. When it comes to movies, not only you will find the latest Hollywood titles, but also classic movies that have made history over the years.


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