New animated American television series created by Jonah Hill, Andre Mogel, and Jarrad Paul first aired on Fox. With Jonah Hill’s attempt to create an intelligent animated series, the show had gathered some mix reviews on its premier day.

The series tells us the story of Allen Gregory De Longpre (Jonah Hill), a pretentious mature and insufferably rude 7-year-old, who is being raised by his father, Richard (French Stewart). Allen Gregory demonstrates a very smart child to attend a public school because of their family’s financial issues.

Allen sees himself as a young man who is intelligent and sophisticated, unlike his fellow classmates and same as his age. He struggles to fit in the school that was picked for him. His rival Gina Winthrop played by Leslie Mann, add more confusion to his already messed up situation. He then tried to be friends with the popular kids including Joel Zadak played by Jake Johnson, the school stud but his relationship has been cut off soon.

Most of the series reviews are not working on the right direction for the Allen Gregory show. Most of the critics were seriously disappointed. The humour is not too edgy and just simply cheesy according to some audiences we gather. Even addressing the characters as very unlikable and with plots, that is not really working for the essence of being funny and the shows objective of gathering audience following.

Contrast to its negative feedbacks and review, the show had gathered at least 4.77 million viewers in US. Other than Jonah Hill and French Stewart, some other casts were Nat Faxon as Jeremy de Longpre, Christina Puccelli as Patrick Vanderweel, Joy Osmanski as Julie De Longpre, and Renee Taylor as Principal Judith Gottlieb. Allen Gregory may be negatively disappointing, however a fresh animated comedy is definitely still early to tell.


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