Also known as "Top Model",  America's Next Top Model is a widely-known reality TV show in which a number of contestants compete for the Top Model Title and a career in the modeling industry. The show debuted in 2003 to quickly become one of UPN's best rated TV shows. Top Model is hosted by former supermodel Tyra Banks, who  also serves as executive producer and head judge of the show. Anthony Dominici and Ken Mok co-produce the series.

The contestants have to go through a series of challenges that are relevant to the fashion world, after which they are judged by their appearances and their attitude. The judging panel includes such personalities as Nigel Barker (fashion photographer) and Andre Leon Talley (Vogue editor-at-large). The show has been criticized for its cruel judges, and for humiliating and degrading women. The Shine website has gone so far to create a list called "10 reasons why 'America's Next Top Model' is bad for women, humans" showing how the series can be damaging for women world-wide. The show was also accused that is hasn't produced any real supermodels.

ANTM continues to be a huge success and is currently being aired on TV in 170 regions and countries including: Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia.


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