From the UK version of the show Being Human, now comes the spin-off show with the same title, broadcast on Syfy in the US and on Canada. This television series produced by Muse in Montreal is based on the British original show.

Being Human is a supernatural drama television series that introduce us to the story of the three roommates living in Boston who appears to be in their younger years. The trios are may look young nonetheless, all three appears to be in a different league of their own.  One is a ghost, the other one is a vampire, and the next a werewolf. Sounds crazy, right?

The show may be an adaptation of the original UK Version but it is a lot different from the US Version of the show. Although some elements were adapted to the US version, it is not entirely copied. The husband and wife team Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke, who were tasks to the adaptation of the series, had made it a point to reinvent a series in its own potential flow of story while retaining the original program’s dark and morally ambiguous qualities.

Just like the original version, US version is about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together in a house (located in Bristol in the original & in Boston in the remake) trying to reconnect with the humanity they lost and the trials & tribulations they face on that road.
Josh (Sam Huntington)the werewolf maintains the same self-deprecating personality as George albeit with more of a penchant for the occasional sarcastic comment.

While Aidan McCollin (Sam Witwer), a vampire during the Revolutionary War, and in the present day, works for a nurse at Suffolk County Hospital in Boston.

Sally (Meaghan Rath) the ghost seems to be a lot more naive & exuberant than her counterpart Annie but you still see the same fear of facing eternity that the original had.

Overall, the series shows promise. It might not be exactly what fans of the original were looking for but it would be the "it" thing for those who have not seen it.


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