It is one of the most successful comedy shows to date, running on its fourth season and still has many things to offer and a few upgrading or updating to do. The Big Bang Theory production may be facing challenges on its fourth installment series based on plot lines and jokes, but still keep up with the momentum of staying on top of its glamour.

The Big Bang Theory, has took many great reviews from its first day of airing. One of the highest rated comedy alongside Two and a Half Men; the show really made its name in the business.

Co-produced by two known personalities in the television business, namely Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady; The two followed with the ongoing trend of American Comedy sitcom.

The story of the show centers on the five characters, two of which are acting as geniuses and both as physicists (Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper), Penny - as the neighbor across the hall whose an aspiring actress and waitress. The other two equally nerdy personalities of the show, Howard Wolowitz portrayed by Simon Helberg, and Rajesh Koothrappali played by Kunal Nayyar.

The show is entertaining to watch while we see the characters deal with their social lives despite being nerds or geeks. We get to see how they always manage to say something scientifically related jokes or expressions, and how one of them (Penny) applies common sense to deal with them every day.

Since the start of the show, it has been a hit and doing well on its home network CBS, that
the show was even nominated few times on Emmy.

However, with its old running style of script and jokes, others feel the need to improvise on the flow of story, in a subtle yet convincing way. Some rumors about changing or adding some new stuff on the character’s lives were also being discussed but no particular lay out has been exposed yet for the followers of the show.

The show successfully gave justice to geeks and geniuses on television, and we get to understand how average people interact with them socially and in a different level. The show is something that you should not afford to miss.


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