Another cop/police procedural drama show is out to get all the fanatics of this kind of drama genre. One of the unexpected shows that come out despite the growing numbers of cop shows that actually wears all of us for its unending airing in the television history. But, what can we say? Producers are earning from all these series so let us take a quick look at how this really works for Blue Bloods TV show.

Blue Bloods may be one of those typical cop shows but at least it earned its fair share of following, by adding up drama and much-detailed detective stories. If you have seen the first season from the beginning then you would know the kind of story that the TV series is actually implying. That in some situations, it may be or may not be happening in reality and then maybe we should actually consider its authenticity.

Blue Bloods seem to point out to let us realize that some instances there are black operations that actually involve cops and other officer in the line of duty. These plots may not be new to others, and the interesting part is that the cast actually do a great job in working out their roles.

The ensemble of casts is just perfectly right and should we say first rate. We have Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan, acting as the top cop of New York City.  Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan, also keeps up with the dramas in the series.

So far, the stories for each episode have been solid in terms of delivery and exceptionally believable. One thing that really catches our attention is that the concept of the story always leads us to the family first feel of the show. We get to see how they throw out verbal arguments from one another while they sit and talk about the case on the table. It looked and felt always as natural as what a real cop should do as we work on our imaginations.


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