American writer and producer of television and film Terence Winter once again, created a new 12-episode television series based on the book Boardwalk Empire The Birth, High Times and Corruption of Atlantic City by author Nelson Johnson.

This television series was highly anticipated by many critics because of its careful yet detailed story relating to the Prohibition Era in 1920s. Set in the nationally renowned resort and boardwalk in Atlantic City of Atlantic County in New Jersey. Terence Winter previously noted for his great contribution on HBO’s mobster series The Sopranos, once again surprises many TV fanatics in this new similar genre.

In the series, it tackles the life of a racketeer and political boss Enoch L. “Nucky” Johnson, the role of Steve Buscemi in the series. Reportedly, there was a huge amount of budget spent just by recreating the Atlantic City boardwalk replica from circa 1920. Buscemi chosen for the Nucky Thompson role, the treasurer of Atlantic County, and a man who has every control in everyone’s pockets plays good on his character lead role.

The interpretation of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire series covers the certain life stages of some of the infamous mobster personalities in the Prohibition Era, including Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and Arnold Rothstein. Careful and detailed research where done to appropriately bring life to the said characters.

HBO did another good job in chronicling the modern organized crime’s existence and it started, although they almost done the same approach to the hit series The Sopranos before the Boardwalk Empire. The television company sets a new level of trend in the television show, by highlighting fashion, crime, and lifestyle during the early 1920s.

Each episode will bring answers to questions on what really happened during those successful years of Atlantic City. Boardwalk Empire also nominated on Emmy Awards, which created a lot of noise and prediction in their aim to get the best TV drama, or maybe best new television series award. Only Martin Scorsese won the Outstanding Directing for Drama Series Award from this years’ Emmy Award.

Emmy Award-winner Martin Scorsese serves as the TV series director, joined by Mark Wahlberg as executive producer.

The best thing about the series is that it makes you wonder where the characters will fall in each situation they are in. The scheming and all the controversial stories that circled during the Prohibition Era have not been explored until now.

Boardwalk Empire is now on its second season and the third season is already on the works. Stay tuned!


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