“To unveil a murder, you have to strip it to the bone!”

Bones is an investigative drama series that tell us the story and trail of the exploits of Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), a top forensic anthropologist. Dr. Brennan heads up a team at the Jeffersonian Institute that investigates and identifies remains that are either unidentifiable or hard to identify by traditional means.

Brennan also works together with law enforcement organizations, using her unique talents to see past the obvious and find the hidden clues others may not see.

David Boreanaz plays the character of Special Agent Seeley Booth, a former Army Ranger Sniper working in the FBI’s Homicide Investigations Unit, teams up with Dr. Brennan, or "Bones" as he soon nicknames her, and they often clash on how best to approach a case.

Bones is the best in its genre. It is funny, smart, and wonderfully written scripts and seamlessly acted. There are actual characters and every single one of them is a real person. And the important part is that; every single one of them acts really well based on their particular role.

You will not see Dr. Brennan doing the job of Dr. Saroyan or Dr. Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) doing the job of Dr. Brennan. Everybody does exactly his job and does not interfere in other people's jobs.

You cannot even imagine how great is to see something like that after seeing detective Goren from "Law and Order" doing practically everything in his show except being a well developed character. Every single character here is a real person with a real position in the team.

Everybody in his or her roles just deserves to be part of the show.The show is already on its 7th season and it just keeps getting better. Bones is doing well with its popularity and still has a lot of following audience.


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