HBO’s “Bored to Death” show which premiered last 2009, showed us a little of what quirky, dead-pan, hyper verbose and sensible audience you could be while watching the show.

Here in this television series, we are shown to a painful breakup with his girlfriend and his struggles to make ends meet by writing.

He had a drinking problem in Brooklyn decides to emulate his heroes from the novels of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. He takes out an ad pretending to be a private detective and starts taking cases -- solving some and making others worse.

Schwartzman plays Jonathan Ames, a struggling writer. Not helping his struggles are his appreciation of marijuana and an over-reliance on white wine. Jonathan's best friends are enablers and like-minded individuals, manic depressive cartoonist Ray (Galifianakis, very funny, but still short of his full potential) and big-deal magazine editor George (Danson, in top form), who mostly give him license for additional wallowing and pot-smoking.

The premise of the show should give you a notion that a man that goes all the way up to his own butt, we see the lead actor Ames going for not just a walk but around his own premise to investigate everything around his life.

This funny TV Show is not the kind that out to make you go crazy with its dialogues. If you like Jarmusch or Auster, if you like Woody Allen or Jonathan Lethem, if you laugh at articles from McSweeney's or you found HBO's "The Life and Times of Tim" to be hilarious, give "Bored to Death" a shot. Now on Season 3, although it has minimal reviews, Bored to Death should exert a lot of effort to increase its audience presence.


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