Boss is created by Fahad Safinia; it’s an American-Canadian political drama television series that seems almost similar to West Wing in relation to its political style story, only it is something that will put off fans of the black-and-white style of it. The series follow the story of Tom Kane played by Kelsey Grammer, Chicago mayor, who have been recently diagnosed with a degenerative neurological problems.

With his will and eager to stay on power, he has never let anyone know about his disorder except his very own physician, Dr Ella Harris. From the start of the show, the audience is given a hint that the scenes of this show will be highly dramatic on the next following episodes.

In this series, Boss shows us how a mayor rules with an iron fist and a silk glove. He never retreats in any of his opponent, a typical political leader that he is. It is anticipated to be the modern Boardwalk Empire, with lesser sympathetic characters, and ruthless political value.

Tom Kane is the central character yet the supporting actors and actresses are equally good with their delivery of the personas they are portraying. Tom Kane character is portrayed as a bad man, a ruthless, sly and definitely filled with unpredictable portrayal despite his budding illness. But his political opponents are likewise ruthless as he is.

Boss is a series to bet on for. The story is undeniably well-done, with a story and plot that certainly entertains. But it certainly caters to adult audiences as this television has some violence and sexual content, even if the show actually often uses a storytelling style of input rather than use the viewable and actual style. Which reminds us that most series are predictable and we can tell what the characters will or will not be rooting for, and Boss clearly gives us another show to make our thoughts work.


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