Now on its fifth season, Breaking Bad is the most loved TV show to date that actually made its way to the Emmys numerous times. Considered as one of the best and greatest drama of all time, Breaking Bad had won several awards including six Emmy Awards and for Bryan Cranston for winning the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for three years.

Many critics and followers of the show have set their expectations high for this drama series. Although, Breaking Bad may look like a mainstream television drama, but for most, it is not.

If you have come across one of the drug dramedy series like Weeds, which is almost similar to the kind of genre it has with our featured show, then another point we need to bring up is – it is not for everybody to watch. One, it revolves around violence, crime and drugs. Although the series has the element of success, it may not be advisable to let younger viewers to watch it without parental consent.

Since the beginning of the Breaking Bad series, it already gathered a lot of mind-blowing story line. Plus the fact that the characters do not over exaggerate their respective roles and the line isn’t filled with impossible feats of actions. In short, it is just like watching a live version of the series, so naturally done.

The sequence is just right and it definitely shows a much humane characters that everyone can relate. From its humble beginnings in the first season, it actually started slow and mixed up with many plot threads, pacing its way to a more engaging and climactic plot lines that will send your nerves tense and simply asking for more.

Having the need for a character with loathsome but at the same time sympathetic character, Vince Gilligan – creator of Breaking Bad actually made the right choice by picking up Bryan Cranston to fill for the character of Walter White. Walter White is the antihero of the American television drama series in the Breaking Bad series. Want to know more about Walter? Catch him on Breaking Bad!


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