Prison Break may have found its big break before, but Breakout Kings will definitely share that limelight starting to this point. Breakout Kings is an American drama television series created by Nick Santora and Matt Olmstead, which started airing last March 2011 and later picked up by network for another season.

The premise goes on a with a squad of U.S Marshalls that team up with ex-cons to work together and track down prison escapees. From the beginning of the show, you will be introduced to a prisoner counting as he hangs onto the underside of the bunk in his cell. The inmate finishes at 230, write something down and the scene changes, the opening sequence give us a peak on a particular inmate collecting numbers and later made a clever escape.

Then, we see Ray Zancanelli (Domenick Lombardozzi), arresting officer for the escaped criminal. Agent Charlie Duchamp, the officer from a department of Criminal Program Analysis, later joined him. Both are in charge of the new task force assigned to them, using selected fugitives to help find escaped and dangerous fugitives. The incentive, all participants are moved to a minimum-security prison and for every convict they catch; the justice department will shave time off their sentence, one month per criminal caught.

Joining them are Shea Daniels, aka the entrepreneur, Dr. Lloyd Lower, a former child prodigy and behaviorist, and Philly, literally the beauty queen of con artists. WE know we got your attention there! And so are we. The casts is already a solid proof of what good does this show comes with. At the premier of the Breakout Kings, we know that there is more to come and a lot of potential to expect since it’s just started.


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