Where do you find a show that makes you want to keep watching, and want to make you feel curious? Burn Notice just seems to have it all under control. The show has a lot of awesome features; fights, guns, explosion, and a humour. The plot of the show Burn Notice even gives you a good plot that includes a bit of romance, and more.

So what is Burn Notice all about? If you haven’t seen the show, then lets us share our Burn Notice 101. The main character, Michael Weston, is a burned spy, and decided to find out who are the men behind him who got him expelled from his life. HE, along with his ex-girlfriend and turned flame, Fiona, together with Sam his bestfriend, and chain smoking Mom, Maddie, works to find out why and the reasons behind Michael’s expulsion.

While doing this, he survives by doing impossible jobs for desperate people who are facing some problems with gangs or other criminals. Burn notice is an extremely good premise that is competently executed. It has good members of cast who all seem to be enjoying themselves.

We think that the show has a lot of offering and most importantly, Michael is shown as someone with knowledge on how to get himself out of his ordeal. However, even if the show is a spy themed show, one should not even show any similarity of Burn Notice to other shows such as Law and Order, CSI, Bones and NCIS.

Among the cast members are: Jeffrey Donovan (Westen), Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona Glenanne), Bruce Campbell (Sam Axe), Sharon Gless (Madeline Westen), and Coby Bell (Jesse Porter).The show had its successful run for five seasons, and still we couldn’t wait for more to come in the life of Michael Westen and the gang.


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