Richard Castle: a famous and rich mystery author and novelist who, after successful series part of his novels decided to kill his main character in the story of his book and later moves on with his inability to produce new work.

This changes when a seemingly similar murder occurred; and was brought in by the NYPD for questioning regarding the similarity of the case from his novel. Inspired by what transpired over the next episodes of his life, he decided to join forces with Detective Kate Beckett played by Stana Katic to solve the cases. After solving several cases, he then was inspired to write another story of which his main character named “Nikki Heat”; of which he initially shadows it to Beckett’s character.

The show progresses with the two main characters having a romantic tension while they are team up on each case investigation. While this could be the most awaited scene by those fanatics willing to welcome the possibility of romantic links of the two characters, it was also immediately changed.

In the third season finale, Castle fanatics was left hanging whether Beckett survives the gunshot while giving out a funeral speech for the late Captain Montgomery (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), Beckett’s boss and was killed after he staged a trap to capture the hired killer who killed Beckett’s mother.

If you have seen the Season 3 finale then down to the first season then good for you. New faces will grace the show at the fourth installment of the show and will have more stuff to watch-out. Some bits and pieces of the episodes including holiday episodes and wedding drama, will surely keep you tuned in and waiting for more. Castle is produced by ABC Studios and Beacon Television, and is now airing its fourth season. If you have not seen any of the season or the episodes of Castle yet then now is the time to start.


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