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Three-time Emmy Award nominated writer, actress and television producer Emily Kapnek once again proves her worth as an artist and creativity. She created the As Told By Ginger and as a consulting producer on the television series Parks and Recreation, and now her current creation, Suburgatory.

Suburgatory is an American television series which premiered last [...]

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Suburgatory Season 1, Episode 6

On November 2, 2011 By

Suburgatory Season 1, Episode 6
Title: "Charity Case"
Synopsis: Tessa persuades the school to get behind charitable causes, which yields mixed results, but her peers begin to wonder who really needs their help. Meanwhile, George's friendship with Noah hits a snag after he gets a huge bill for dental work. Guest Cast Maestro [...]

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Suburgatory Season 1, Episode 5
Title: Halloween
Synopsis: George tries to change Dallas' low opinion of Halloween by showing her the fun side of fear, but he's in for a shock when her frequently traveling husband (Jay Mohr) comes home unannounced. Meanwhile, Tessa's costume rubs the locals the wrong way.
Guest Cast [...]

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