Channel 131 – Pros and Cons

Pro – It is now easy to watch your favorite TV shows and the latest movies. Just a click away.
Con – It can take a while to find out about it.
Pro – No more Bit Torrent, Kazaa or Emule. Bye bye torrent trackers that require invitations, seeding and ratios.
Con – The resolution is not that good and the sound is awful. Think of it like watching a movie on YouTube, sometimes even worse.
Pro – Now you don’t have to wait for the movie to download.
Con – Channel 131 does not offer the possibility of adding subtitles.
Pro – The administrators are serious and upload TV shows just after they have been broadcasted on TV.
Con – The whole site looks awful and it is full of commercials.
Pro – Although it looks like this, it is simple, intuitive and has a great functionality.
Con – Unfortunately, you cannot adjust any setting like you did with a regular video player software.


7 Responses to Channel 131 – Pros and Cons

  1. Karina Lindell says:

    So. How do I join and start watching shows?

  2. Robert James says:

    I agree with the others leaving comments: nicely presented site but every click just goes around in circles. Where actually is the list for downloading and for viewing movies and TV shows? Someone, maybe everyone, in Channel 131 seems to have gone to lunch and not returned before writing in the link to the download menu ???

  3. amber says:

    if you went to all the trouble to polish up the looks of this new site...its horrible!
    why not take shows off the list that you really dont have on here...such at Entourage!

  4. jessica says:

    the website has changed i dont even no how to watch movies anymore it just leads you in circles or sends you to google please help this is the only chance i have at watching movies

  5. mike says:

    the new site blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. highwaterz says:

    I agree with the others. This used to be a good site to find movie downloads. It was even recommended by a cable TV technician. But it seems to be useless now - just leads you in circles. I guess that's why there are so few posts -- everyone has found other sites. Where HAVE the free movie downloads gone?


  7. Jaynee says:

    Where is the list of available movie downloads?? I've used this site a few times for movie downloads and since the last time I used it everything has changed and to search a movie title brings up the same results as Google! I don't want to go elsewhere but if I can't find what I'm looking for I'll be forced to. Someone please tell me where the movie downloads list has gone?!?!?!

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