The story centers on a computer geek and nerdy guy named Chuck Bartowski played by Zachary Levi who later accidentally became a CIA’s valued agent because of the information that embedded into his brain. With this, the CIA decided to recruit him and trained him to act as a secret agent. He teamed up with Adam Baldwin (as John Casey) and Yvonne Strahovski (as Sarah).

In the story, Chuck works for an electronics store with his best friend Joshua Gomez (as Morgan). Chuck is an intelligent and smart person yet he lacks ambition and motivation to make progress in his professional and romantic life.

When he joined the CIA, he was mainly important because of the information that he possessed. We see Chuck mostly in this show with his co-agent in locating and finding the assassins and terrorists, who is looking for him and trying to kill him.

Is it worth watching?

One thing for sure, it is very funny. If you like watching spy stories with a twist o mixed drama and comedy then this is the one for you. Although we cannot deny some negative comments about the show, and we cannot deny as well that there are moments when the script sometimes is a little bit corny and honest to goodness boring. However, each one sees it; Chuck is beyond any doubt, one of the most entertaining on its kind.

It has a smart and well-written dialogue that most lead and extra actors deliver pretty well. Chuck is already on its fifth season and I believe that there is more to expect in this show. The show is like a James Bond film only it is on TV with different kind of taste, a little bit fun and spontaneity. Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak created the show.


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