Cold Case refers to a scene of a crime or an accident that has not yet been solved to the full and is not subject of a recent criminal investigation, on which new information could emerge from new witnesses, testimonies, retained material evidences, and fresh new suspects. Cold Case is a television series that was inspired by the real definition of cold cases.

The series ran from September 28, 2003 up until May 2, 2010, the story had revolved around a fictionalized Philadelphia Police Department division that focuses and specializes in investigating cold cases. After seven years, the network had announced that Cold case had been cancelled.

The story of the show follows Lilly Rush played by Kathryn Morris, as a Philadelphia police detective who works for the department’s homicide squad and had been assigned on “cold cases”, crimes that have been sitting in the box years ago and have not been solved. Lilly, needed to rethink of the crimes and analyse, as well as interview people that have been involved with the victims to find a link to solving the cases.

The show gives us a view on how the current case of crimes they solve are historical almost as they are personal. We are promised that Rush’s detective partner will find out if his bipolar ex-fiancee also drowned herself or was killed. This episode is actually built around the first Halloween horror movie, and many other similar stories. In Cold Case, even though they have almost the same kind of genre, they have decided to make it different.

Our lead character cares about its unsolved cases sitting in the archives / library/ morgue and so on. This Jerry Bruckheimer-produced show has a lot of offering, and not just a simple drama set on a police squad. Get to know more about the series and see for yourself.


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