CSI Las Vegas is a cop drama series created by Anthony Zuiker and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the series is on its 12th season. Its popularity and innovative use of science (forensic, ballistics) rather than traditional detective work on solving crime gives it an instant success from the beginning of the series. Later a spin off were created – CSI Miami and CSI NY. Who would have thought that science and crime solving could be so fun to watch?

One awesome trivia which everyone already knows, is that the show’s theme song “Who are you” is from the greatest band The Who. Roger Daltrey the lead singer even appeared in one of the episodes.

The series revolves on Crime Scene Investigators working for the Las Vegas Police Department, which is all a fiction version of the actual title of “Crime Scene Analysts” and “Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department”. In the event when the team is working to solve a case, the characters are usually seen investigating and examining the evidences that leads to finding the missing pieces that will solve a crime’s mystery.

From the appearance of William Petersen’s Character as Gil Grissom (season 1-9) to Laurence Fishburne’s Dr. Raymond Langston (season 9-11) and now Ted Danson’s character as D.B. Russell for season 12, all three are the main lead character on the television series.

Mainly in this series, technology is highly viable in the search for finding the clues of the missing pieces of the crime leading to the resolution of the case. If you are fascinated with forensic science, then CSI takes you to a completely different kind of level. The creation of this awesome suspense drama series is just a wonderful proof of progress in the years of television programming and script writing. Need we say more?


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