Veronica Mars’s creator Rob Thomas comes up with another show that will surely make you feel more sweet and light hearted with this 1998 television cult favorite, Cupid, with the same title Cupid.

Cupid is a television series picked up by ABC from year 2009 to create a revival of the same name of television series, only difference is, its from Chicago and not from New York City. Series was but then cancelled on the same year.

The premise of the show is just similar to the 1998 series; the only difference is the show is of course modern. The show is of the same plot on which we follow the character of Cupid.

He may or may not be the usual Cupid we know, for sure. It is about Trevor Pierce (Bobby Cannavale; character was originally Trevor Hale, played by Jeremy Piven) is under the care of psychiatrist and self-help author Dr. Claire McCrae (Sarah Paulson; character was originally Claire Allen, played by Paula Marshall), whose own work is often based in romantic relationships.
Cupid (Cannavale) took it to his oath that he must orchestrate 100 happily-ever-afters before he is allowed to return home to Mount Olympus, punishment from the Gods for the current sorry state of love. Sent without his trademark bow and arrow, Cupid must learn what really makes love work as he navigates the modern metropolis of New York City.

The show had good reviews and the characters were perfectly constructed. Although there are bits of cliché, feel good scenarios and plots that make up the romantic comedies of today’s other endearing shows. In addition, to the great chemistry that the two lead character’s share.  It is just unfortunate that the show was cancelled even before it showed its true potential.


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