Damages is an American television drama series set in fast paced, and intriguing lives of legal professionals. The concept of the series has received a lot of following since it first started. It brings you to the world of legal entanglements, mystery and suspense armed with great acting, and great written scripts all that is wrapped up in a fantastic series, keeps you wanting for more.

Glenn Close, one notable actress, led the television series as Patty Hewes, together with Rose Byrne (as Ellen Parsons). Ellen Parsons is a bright and sharp law school graduate who becomes the protégée of the successful and high-staked litigator Patricia Hewes.

Patricia Hewes or Patty’s drive and motivation is to close cases no matter what the cost. Her protégée Parsons, equally genuine and has almost the same character of her boss, which will later cause friction and a rift between two characters.

The show has a lot of great positive feedbacks and reviews with its almost confusing twists and turns. Damages is a composition of unique style of modern story telling in the world of law firm and litigations which a lot of people may or may not relate to.

The creators and writers trio of the television production are Daniel Zelman and brothers Glenn and Todd A. Kessler, with the show being broadcast on DirecTV channel Audience Network, after originally airing it on FX.

Damages may have something to be proud of as well in terms of awards and nominations. The show had won 4 Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe, a Casting Society of America Award, and a Satellite Award, also nominated also for a Producers Guild of America Award, and many more. After its successful run of fifth season, the audience is still waiting for more from all the characters.

If you wanted to take a glimpse of how the legal minefield, dog eat dog’s kind of world, then this show must be really designed for your needs. Just remember to watch closely, you’ll never want to miss something out and important.


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