Dexter Morgan is a fictional character in a series of novels by Jeff Lindsay, and is adapted into the Showtime TV series entitled Dexter. The series covers the story of a serial killer who works as a bloodstain pattern analyst for Miami Metro Police Department. Dexter Morgan played by Michael C. Hall, joined by his adoptive sister named Detective Debra Morgan played by Jennifer Carpenter both working for Miami Police.

The episodes of this series circles mostly on Dexter’s need to kill, and by killing the wrongdoers or killers, which are guilty and have killed someone without justifiable cause, and how he tried to act normally in front of other people. His disguise in first part of the series is all under the concept of a man without emotions. To add more to his disguise plan, he dated a woman named Rita, traumatized mother from years of domestic abuse with two children, to get intimate with him when he was married to Paul Bennett.

This works for Dexter since this will primarily unveil his darker side to Rita if he gets intimate. During the fifth season installment, his involvement became more solid to Rita and her kids, and to his newborn son. As the story progressed, we see how Rita was murdered in the bathtub, and this had put a lot of emotional twist in the story of Dexter. His killing spree had driven him of his guilt feelings for what transpired to his most adored woman in his life besides his sister.

Either you are into something suspenseful or something with a twist of mystery and drama, this show will surely keep up with your taste. Dexter is a television series that you will not stop in trying to understand what he will do and plan next. It is groundbreaking, riveting, and a very addictive suspense series of the century!


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