In the earlier and glory days of Entourage, audiences have felt that there is always a good deal of time, no feeling of time wasted in an effort to understand what the show is trying to achieve and what type of influence it has on its followers. Whereby some thought that there is a thought provoking hidden message on the episodes sent throughout the millions of people watching the show, which actually turns out, there is none!

We are introduced into Entourage’s smart and insightful detail about the life in entertainment business. How people with assets, meaning good looking and talented people who gets to be lucky to be on top of the stardom.

Entourage tackles this lifestyle in Hollywood with the equally talented casts. The show revolves around Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) as his best friend and manager. Vincent’s older half-brother Johnny “Drama” Chase (Kevin Dillon) is Vince’s personal chef, trainer and bodyguard, and last but not the least, the endearing Mr. Air Gold (Jeremy Piven), as his agent to add on the ensemble.

The show’s premise as revealed was in fact the story of Mark Wahlberg’s (Executive Producer) experiences as an up-and-coming film star. The series deals with the real life male friendship that Wahlberg had in the modern-day Hollywood. A peak of how they make deal and how easy and hard in contrast their life is in the business.
Entourage ran a successful eight season in a row, and has been nominated and awarded many awards from the first season to the conclusion last September 11, 2011. During the course of the show, it had at least one celebrity guest per episode such as actors, film directors, producers, musicians and athletes, appearances of celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Brady, and Gary Busey, to name a few.


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