The entire world’s population blacks out for approximately 2 minutes and 17 seconds, this causes the whole world to see a glimpse of life 6 months into the future. A very detailed look on how each character will move forward with their lives after 6 months.

FlashForward’s premise sounds more clever than compelling: Everyone across the globe blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds, experiencing a vision of their lives six months in the future. But at times, the pilot teases the kind of brain-straining drama that reaches into Lost territory.

It almost have the same plot like Lost, only the show begins with a big surprising detail. If you have seen the first season premier, you will recall that there was a huge car pileup in Los Angeles. It led to a devastating casualties and it felt almost real. There were helicopters crashing in the building, surfers drowning, planes crashing down, a kangaroo escapes from a zoo.

This global phenomenon followed by FBI Agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes), the start of the investigation for the people behind the global phenomenon, that caused 7 billion people’s consciousness jumped forward.

FlashForward is an American television series, adapted for TV by Brannon Braga and David S. Goyer. The show first aired for season one on ABC,based on the novel Flashforward. The show gathered mixed reviews around the globe comparing it to the series Lost. Until now, every fans of Flashforward is still waiting for its next installation, and we only have to hope for its second coming. We are left to the idea that ultimately the show has been cancelled, and no particular instalment will be happening anytime soon due to the show’s low ratings. A total of 22 episodes were aired on ABC between September 24, 2009 and May 27, 2010


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