If you are looking for a television series that has a lot to offer or a show that has almost everything, from Drama, Police, Action and a hint of romance, then its time for you to check out Flashpoint. CBS and CTV did a great job in coming up with this awesome new show.

The characters has different pace of development in the series. Each character shows their own emotions and personality. No one follows each other. They are not influenced in their actions by one another, but they feed off each other’s emotions. Each has their own story but it represents one teamwork that we all expect that our very own security forces will have.

Flashpoint is a Canadian police drama television series that started last July 2008, on CTV. The show takes us to the fictional elite tactical unit, called Strategic Response Unit or the SRU. The SRU are responsible in resolving extreme situations that regular officers are not trained to handle, like hostage-taking, bomb threats, and fully armed criminals.

Since this television series’ roots is from Canada, expect that majority of the Flashpoint’s cast are Canadians, including Enrico Colantoni, David Paetkau, Dillon, Sergio, Michael Cram, Mark Taylor, and Ruth Marshall.

Amy Jo Johnson is the only American actress starring in the Canadian-made drama; she said that she had no problems being in Flashpoint despite announcing to the press that she was already pregnant with her first child with her fiancé Oliver Giner, during initial production of Flashpoint.

A lot of great reviews had come out for the shows badass story lines. Every episodes has their own story, however, it may be best if the producers would come up with something that is intriguing as well. It gets a little boring whenever the story always have to be in the same case all the time.


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