Tyler Perry comes with a new screen series as its sequel to the 2010 film “Why Did I Get Married Too”, which just premiered recently.

The television adaptation of the film, gathered several negative and positive reviews alike. The story of the sitcom centers on the life of Angela and Marcus.

Some people describe it as a television show that actually requires live audiences to make it work. Having the least funny and comedic lines that ever grace the television. Others have called it as terrible as it should not even continue or move on.

Although, we are already very experienced when it comes to dramadies or similar comedy drama shows, audiences are of course reluctant whether it will even move to full season. While some are very disappointed and actors show flat acting or terrible story lines, others feel that Tyler Perry’s new television show is catered to older audience.

Well, it takes a lot of trial and error to perfect such comedy and drama sitcom in one. Maybe Tyler Perry still has to learn that will contribute to his works. When all says the negative side of the sitcom, others are out to tell that they love the show.

Personalities like Candace Shearins expressed that the show is awesome and she looks forward to watching it every Friday night on her Facebook Fan Page. “For Better or For Worse” airs every Friday, 10PM to 10:30 PM on TBS.


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