Football – one of America’s all-time favorite game. A High school football coach, realizes that as a coach, he is not only coaching for the sake of the game but also coaching and teaching morals about life and how to deal with real life situations. Just as what the show aims to deliver in every audience, such as values, teamwork, and real life scenarios that people can relate to.

Awarded from the previous Emmy Awards, for Outstanding Lead Actor and Actresses for a drama series, Kyle Chandler takes the lead to Friday Night Lights show. The series centers on a high school in Texas, which happens to have an elite football team. Coach Eric Taylor played by Kyle Chandler, is in his first year on the job as a head coach, and is leading a talented team preparing for the state title.

However, in the first game, Senior Quarterback Jason Street played by Scott Porter (who Taylor mentored as QBs coach) goes to make the game-winning tackle and was injured on the play. He ends up paralyzed and now must adapt to living life in a wheelchair.
Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford) took over as a quarterback and along the way developed his feelings for the coach’s daughter, Julie (Aimee Teegarden).

Friday Night Lights is a show that should not be missed, and the development of the characters is truly inspiring for both genders. Connie Britton does justice to her character as the on-screen wife of Kyle Chandler showing a believable relationship which audiences can also feel in any angle of the story. We also have to acknowledge the great writing that the writers bring out for this wonderful TV series as the characters in this drama shows better acting using a good script.


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