New American romantic situational comedy once again grace our tv with NBC’s Friends with Benefits show. Its initial season and mid finale ended on September 2011, and we hope this will not be the end. We are still looking for more development in this show.

In this show, we follow the story of a group of friends living in Chicago. The story circles at the close friendship between two of the friends, who we are looking for the perfect mate, and the others who questions their relationship and other typical kind of story. Some are looking for long-term commitments while some are just looking for fun.

Sometimes they fall back to each other for moral support and even extra "benefits".

The good thing about the show is that the characters seem to fit to the basic requirements that are needed for this kind of plot or story of the show. It has a great leading lady, fun leading man, and party down blonde-haired woman. However, the show calls on for a better scripts and writing.

Parting words for the series is that it may have failed to deliver the chemistry for the characters. Despite having the lead roles fitted or casted with the existing actors, the show seems not to work together with the rhythm that is needed in a series.

Overall, we think and feel that this show needs more good writing and rethinking. A lot of new plot lines can be good for the show if it will be thoroughly analyze or think about.

Best way probably to see Friends with Benefits to have a longer future for its next season, if there’ll be next season, is to have all the writers re-analyze the concept and what message are they really conveying in this series. But this should not prevent or stop you from watching the show. The show has potential, and you can give it a shot.


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