The concept of Glee initially was based on Ian Brennan’s experience as a member of the local show choir in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Glee was envisioned first as a prospected film rather than a television series. Having the same experience with Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (Nip/ Tuck creator) who express their interest on the project and written script, the two decided to put it up on production and was then picked up by FOX entertainment.

Glee is a musical comedy-drama series airing on Fox and on GlobalTV in Canada. The show focuses on the high school glee club New Directions, competing on the show choir competition circuit, with the aide and guidance of their Spanish teacher, Will Schuester.

Schuester played by Matthew Morrison, shows his passion and will to transform the school’s once top-flight glee club. Started with his will to recruit and inspire all group of talented but unmotivated performers to make it too and win the nationals in choral competition. But this goal and dream is never easy. Jane Lynch aka Sue Sylvester, is out to take the New Directions down.

Since its first run and premiere, it had gathered a lot of loyal fans and critics; it bagged lots of hype and interests in many forms. The show proved its competitive take on television drama that centers on high school life of ambitious students. Now running on its third season, the audiences are all asking for more. Another thing, the music is brilliant! Just like American Idol, Fox continues to generate their success as well on the music lists of the songs they cover.


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