Greek was a show in transition taking two big leaps from the last season’s finale, as we wait for the post-grad life of seniors Casey (Spencer Grammer) and Evan (Jake McDorman); while Ashleigh (Amber Stevens) and Rusty and his friends are the ones left in the university.

Let us take a minute to recall what happened when the Greek show started, we remember the freshman dude arriving at his sister’s college (which is much to her dismay), Rusty Cartwright, arrives on the campus of Cyprus –Rhodes University. Rusty finds out that his sister has neglected to mention to her friends that she has a brother.

Rusty, is a nerd who wants to join a frat house so he can fit in and make friends. He meets Dale (Clark Duke), his roommate who is a Christian Addict and who is completely against fraternities and sororities. On his quest for fraternity, Rusty meets Calvin (Paul James) and Ashleigh.

Eventually, Rusty ends up joining the Kappa Tau Gamma house, which is the most trouble frat house on campus, and lead by Casey's ex boyfriend, and Calvin goes to Omega Chi Delta, which is lead by Evan, Casey's current Boyfriend in the pilot and is Cappie's enemy.
Casey’s boyfriend Evan offered Rusty a spot in the Omega Chi Delta Fraternity, so long as he does not mention anything about him sleeping with Rebecca Logan ( Senator daughter) played by Dilshad Vadsaria, and the rest was history.

If you ever watched the premier episode of the show from season 1 to the last then you could have relate to something on this show. So, the question is, is it gonna go ahead on another season or is it really the last? Are we going to catch a glimpse of what happens to Casey and Evan? And how will Rusty move on being a senior of his own? Watch out for more, and we definitely recommend that you watch this show.


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