“Happy Endings” is a fresh new comedy, topped with really funny ensemble of characters. It may look like it was a spinoff of Friends, but don’t worry it's not, although there is a little resemblance.

Picked up again by ABC Network, “Happy Endings” series revolves around the lives of a group of friends living in Chicago. With the composition of the casts including: Jane and Brad (Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans, Jr.) who indulged in an interracial marriage, joined by Dave (Zachary Knighton), Alex (Elisha Cuthbert), Penny (Casey Wilson) and Max (Adam Pally).

Although the series was negatively compared to several sitcoms and comedy genre, such as Friends with Benefits, Mad Love and Friends, the series strives hard to have its own identity and mixes of originality.

Happy Endings starts with six characters, three boys and three girls, all young and single. The characters of the show seem likable and funny, especially if we look into their acting histories before they joined the show.

Despite freshness of the show, there are still more to be seen in this television series. But it needs to come up with something more unique rather than be quoted as the copycat versions of any other show.

And it is going to be difficult to attract a decent-number of audience, especially in this current time on which viewers and audiences are smart enough to know what they want for a comedy or television show.

Nevertheless, Happy Endings' punch lines come fast and without you almost noticing it. What's also cool here is that it does not have laugh tracks. Laugh tracks are simply irritating, right? The show moves at various paces, too, which is great because it lessens the feeling of getting bored on each sets of jokes the casts throw at one another. But then, it’s a sitcom and it is a comedy.


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