Let Showtime brings you to the intriguing and thrilling drama once again with their new American psychological thriller television series, entitled Homeland. Developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, Homeland is based on the Hatufim, an Israeli series created by Gideon Raff.

It stars Claire Danes who plays the role of the CIA Agent Carrie Mathison, an expert in Middle East terrorism who in the series goes into a reckless investigation and suspicions against Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody played by Damian Lewis who went missing since 2003.

There is a compelling premise on the flow of the first few episodes of the show, making the character of Claire Danes in this series looked aggressive and unstable pop over to this website. While her main subject in the series, Nicholas Brody (Lewis) went missing for eight long years and was presumed dead.

They found him in the rubble of an al-Qaeda compound, blasted by the US counterterrorist group bombs, after a tip from an Intel that a leader of the most wanted terrorists was going to be in the place. Brody is pulled out and returned home as a national hero, yet Mathison thinks otherwise.

She was compelled to do surveillance against Brody after an intel have said that he “had been turned” and could be plotting an attack on America.

Showtime made the right decision to open Homeland TV series armed with entertaining and thrilling twists of the show. If you have tried watching the 24 series, then surely you will enjoy this.

Homeland has a great casts as well as very interesting spy-and-terrorist angle. Both Lewis and Danes are excellent with their performance. A complicated issue makes it easier to understand while watching Homeland. The show also features David Harewood as David Estes, head of the counterterrorism center of CIA; Morena Baccarin, who plays Jessica Brody, wife of Nicholas Brody.

Other than that, the show is a must see for now. However, the thought of how the series will end up how long it will last is yet to be known. I hope that it turns out good.


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    I've been over this page umpteen times....how in the dickens do I watch Homeland???

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