So, what do we expect of House for this 8th season?

We pick our take from the season 7 of House, where the famed diagnostician finds himself playing dual roles as a patient and a doctor. The time he had switched to another situation, his relationship with both Cuddy and Wilson had changed.

And on season 8, with House in jail and there are several episode that shows threat against his life, do we expect more from this season? The answer is yes. A lot of change is happening for the season 8 and fans are expecting to see huge leap of progress for the next coming episodes.

Following where the story had left off from House season 7 finale, we are compelled to see how House moves on with newfound environment. We see him in prison after our lead character House played by Hugh Laurie, crashed his car into Cuddy’s (Lisa Edelstein) living room.

After his 12 months in prison, House is up for parole – for his good behavior for the past months in jail. Five days left before his eventual freedom, one of the inmates and a prison’s resident presents House with a non-negotiable fee for his impending release.

While trying to be done and over with of his forced obligation, this quickly takes a turn to a new situation on which House is seen diagnosing a fellow inmate’s unusual medical symptoms.

House meets one of the prison’s physicians named Dr Jessica Adams played by Odette Annable, who would later becomes apparent that her purpose is to be someone that House can help in reaching her career potential rather than become a romantic partner while Cuddy is missing in action.

We expect more changes in this latest season and hope that the “patient of the week” type of episodes would eventually evolve or progress into much deeper concepts.


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