For starters, let’s talk about how the whole idea of How I Met Your Mother ever drawn and how the characters were all built. The production of the series came about the idea of the two creators - Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. The idea came about a certain time when they were in New York and have decided to write about it and all the crazy things they did.

The two inspired by their friendship wrote the idea of creating the characters, with Ted who’s based on Carter Bays persona and as for Marshall and Lily, based loosely on Craig Thomas and his wife, Rebecca. Rebecca was reluctant at first to create Lily’s character based on her, but ending up agreeing only if Alyson Hannigan was to play the role. And lucky day for Hannigan because at that time she was really meaning to do more comedy work.

And so the idea of the story was brought in for set up and was later then made for television series. Following its first airing last 2005, the show has been a huge success and had brought in five Emmy awards to date, and CBS already announced that they had picked the show again for another two seasons this year great site.

The story of the show initially starts back in 2005 with three college roommates and best friends. Ted is living with Lily and Marshall, who were then dating for almost nine years and eventually got engaged. Because of their engagement, Ted also thought about finding his soulmate and being married, which was opposed by Barney (his self-appointed bestfriend) played by Neil Patrick Harris. The two met in a bar restroom. Barney is a womanizer, who loves to bed women and discards them after. On the first onset of the story, Ted met Robin Scherbatsky played by Colbie Smulders, who became Ted’s first love interest but Robin decides to be friends with Ted instead.

The show is now on its eight season and counting. How I Met Your Mother is a very clever, funny and sometimes emotionally charged comedy show. A lot of famous celebrity had already been a guest in the show, probably because of its admirable popularity in Hollywood.


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