So far, so good. This comedy-drama series from HBO is another piece to reckon with. Created by Dmitry Lipkin and Colette Burson, Hung is about a story of a struggling suburban Detroit high school baseball coach, who resorts to male prostitution.

With the drama series already on its second season and third season is underway; Hung has already made a name for itself. The story focuses more on Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane), an unhappy and financially stricken history teacher and athletic coach from Detroit. Early episodes of the show reflects struggles and many difficulties that Ray is forced to face, and his attempts to recover by using his extremely large manhood into something productive thereby make him earn money. He and his friend Tanya (Jane Adams) begin their business calling it "Happiness Consultants".

The show had received positive reviews since its first day of airing.It has the quality of a comedy and drama combined making it appears subtle yet charming. The two lead roles played by Adams and Jane is the bomb here.

We get to see how the story unfolds gradually and how it elevates Hung well above its stereotypical gimmicky show title. The risqué part of the show is when our lead character guy decides to enter the world of escorting or prostitution, and it is just a realization of the most tabooed topics to discuss in the society today, while the reality of living a normal life sets in.

Yes, HBO did it again, and this is just worth watching! Hung opens our mind to the truth about escort business and how the people involved in it, deals with it. Although it is a very serious social issue, HBO had taken it to the level where people can treat it in a humorous way. Thomas Jane did a good job justifying the character he plays.


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