Initially, you might come to think that the TV sitcom I Hate My Teenage Daughter centers on the problems that come when trying to raise a daughter in her teenage years. To a certain extent, this is correct, but the show offers more than that since its focus is not really on the daughters but on the mothers of these teenagers.

Specifically, I Hate My Teenage Daughter tells the story of two mothers starting to feel that their teenage daughters are gradually becoming thevery same girls who made their high school lives miserable. Mothers Annie Watson, played by Jaime Pressly and Nikki Miller, essayed by Katie Finneran, are the best of friends who have contrasting ways of bringing up their children, but are now deeply regretting this given the kind of daughters that they are presently dealing with.

The concept is not exactly new as the problems involving teenagers is a common experience. Still, the series was able to give this a slight twist with its decision to center on the sad experience that the mothers had in their teenage years, and how this is now haunting them as their own daughters enter the same awkward stage in life.

Of course, it does not really help that the main characters also happen to be separated from their respetive spouses, making the process of teenage-rearing even more difficult for them. This aspect of parenthood where the partners are divorced was obviously made in order to be updated with the current set-up where only one parent, normally the mother, is actively involved in looking after the child.

For these reasons, it comes as no surprise that I Hate My Teenage Daughter is one Fox TV series enjoying a good following despite being a newcomer in the primetime slot. Of course, it helps that the program is aired just after the highly-popular X Factor. The fact that the show is a TV sitcom likewise serves as a rating booster as teenage issues are handled in a comedic fashion.


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