ABC Family brings a sci-fi and drama TV series Kyle XY. A teenage boy who awakens and find himself in a forest outside Seattle, Washington, naked and with no memory whatsoever of who he is. He was then sent to a facility while being treated by a child psychologist who eventually took him in the household. The story pretty much revolves around the search of Kyle (Matt Dallas) about his past while being looked after by Nicole Trager (Marguerite MacIntype) who have taken interest about Kyle’s off the chart genius and other abilities.

Kyle XY brings out the X-files mythology theme because of Kyle’s confusing origin of being an alien or a clone. He mysteriously does not have a navel and does not possess the standard human emotions and behaviors of love, joy or even anger. Each season just keeps getting better and better as more revelations and more memory gets unleashed. Kyle also learns through his foster family on how to behave on certain situations and what feelings he should perceive. Together with Tomm Foss (Nicholas Lea), a  supposed friend of his so-called father and the Tragers, Kyle gets taken care of and trained so that he could enhance his abilities and protect him against forces who seek to use Kyle for their disreputable purposes.

The series first aired June 26, 2006 on the ABC Family cable channel. Creators Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber, managed to run the show for three seasons. Kyle XY ended March 16, 2009 leaving some unresolved dramatic cliffhangers. The Season Finale on DVD however contains a mini wrap-up called “Kyle XY - Future Revealed.”

Kyle XY’s target audience are mostly teens raging from 10-15 years and after some time of being at the top highest rating show, other teen-aimed show were released. Some critics say that the low ratings subsequently was the reason for the series’ cancellation. But still many viewers were enticed by the series even after it ended.


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