If you were to look at its title alone, you would probably assume that Last Man Standing was a TV action series or perhaps some sort of endurance contest where the physical strength of a man is put to the ultimate test. Unfortunately, both are incorrect since Last Man Standing is a TV sitcom currently being aired over ABC.

The show stars comedy actor Tim Allen who plays Mike Baxter, a seemingly ordinary guy working as a marketing director for a Colorado-based sporting goods outlet. Despite the illustrious position and being involved mainly in the male-oriented world of sports, Mike is strangely living in a female-dominated set-up at home. Other than his wife, Mike also has to deal with three daughters which include a young single mother.

In many of his TV and film appearances, Tim Allen has repeatedly portrayed the role of a man trying to project a macho image but is actually a helpless soul inside. In Last Man Standing, there is not much of a difference, although you can still easily relate to the character as only Tim Allen can portray such a role with much gusto.

Interestingly, the current title of the show is not the original one. When the series was still in the commitment stage, it carried the title Man Up. By the time the pilot episode was being shot, it has been renamed Last Days of Man. It was only in mid-May when the 2011-2012 season was signed by ABC did the program adopt its present title.

Additionally, Last Man Standing is not the first TV program that Tim has made for ABC. In the early 90’s, Tim starred in the ABC hit sitcom Home Improvement which lasted for 8 years. Last Man Standing is showing signs of success so it should not come as a surprise to find Tim staying with ABC for quite some time. Presently, the show is scheduled to run for one whole season, with 22 episodes already in the can.


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