With the growing numbers of TV sitcoms, we, once again are hook to another funny and family oriented television series from ABC production. Last Man Standing is an American television sitcom, which stars Tim Allen and Nancy Travis. Tim Allen plays as Mike Baxter, father of 3 daughters and marketing director of a sporting goods store, “Outdoor Man”.

Women especially at home dominate him with his wife and three daughters, one of which is a single mother.

The show promotes a good old-fashioned comedy type of series that would surely make you feel you are in the 80s, not sure though if that is ever good for a thought but as for many it is far better than any other sitcoms to date.

The pace of the show is somewhat slow, and you may notice some laugh track that sometimes a bit annoying but overall it is good as the Home Improvement movie of Tim Allen.

The production behind the Last Man Standing show should develop more of Tim Allen’s character in this show. However, one thing we can note of is the dialogue. The dialogues are good, but there is a need for less offensive dialogues.

Tim Allen has done a lot of sitcom in a similar note, and been with it longer than anybody in the business had. He had also done several movies, most of it quite memorable. Many say that the sitcom will likely to grow with its characters again if the scripts and the jokes will also improve.

Among the casts that are included in this show are Alexandra Krosney as Kristin Baxter, Molly Ephraim as Mandy Baxter, Christoph Sanders as Kyle and Hector Elizondo as Ed Alzate. The show is now on its full season run on this year and we are looking at twenty-two episodes release by the end of the season.


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