Man Up is a situation comedy revolving around the lives of three men who finally decided to act as real men. Three men decided to abandon their childish behavior and lifestyle.

The guys are trap in a modern world where the old typecast definitions of a man is softened or “mann-ishh“, as Will’s wife Theresa (acted by Teri Polo) puts it. Will’s lineage from his grandfather to his father was soldier who fought in World War II and Vietnam respectively. Will plays Call of Duty on PS3 with Craig and Kenny.

It is a funny look on contemporary male in a modern world, who has accepted softer side even feminine sides of a baby boomer definition of how a man should be lives, and acts.

In addition, the series is more about how these men try to get in touch with their inner tough guys and how they plan to redefine themselves a real men. This resembles more to how Modern Family but with more than enough laughs to enjoy for a 30 minute run on the television.

The show is funny and it has a good start for a newcomer show today. There is a lot more to see and expect in this TV series and most definitely, many mature men out there who can relate to this.

The show is released and picked up by ABC Production and is written and created by Christopher Moynihan. It is broadcast in Canada and Australia, in the same time with the ABC’s telecast.

Dan Fogler as Kenny Hayden, Mather Zickel as Will Keen, and Christopher Moynihan as Craig Griffith plays our three lead men.


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