What do we love about Mike and Molly? First, it’s the fact that two wonderful and smart characters playing this American television sitcom is just amazing. The show has two strong lead characters, extremely lovable and very natural. What we love about this show is that it makes you feel like you are simply looking at your friends and witnessing them talk like as you have known the characters for years.

We have the Big Bang Theory and the Two and A Half Men to fill in those sad nights for us to be happy. And the creators just don’t stop there. We are always thirsty for something better or more and this show has it for us.

The second best thing is that Mike and Molly is a story about two obese people, which stars Mike Biggs (Billy Gardell) and Molly Flynn (Melissa McCarthy), and these people had been in the television industry for years, surely this is something that would gain a lot of interest.

Mike works as a police officer who’s been trying hard to shed off some pounds, and Molly is an overweight fourth-grade teacher. They met at an Overeaters Anonymous group and eventually become a couple.

Along the way, as the usual things that obese people experiences in their lifetime, they are faced with comments, jokes and criticism especially from Mike’s partner, Carl McMillan (Rene Wilson), sarcastic Peggy (Rondi Reed), and Molly’s mother Joyce (Swoosie Kurtz), and last but not the least Molly’s sister Victoria(Katy Mixon).

In this show, we see two obese people working together to have a normal kind of treatment, relationship and life, just like any normal people do. The concept of the two of characters being fat is not really the only thing that makes this series interesting although at some point it was highlighted in the spotlight by one infamous blogger with ridicule and hateful commentaries. It also shows cool stuff on how the two leads accept their physical challenges and still can laugh about it. It is purely humane!


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