So far, this witty mockumentary show is something that is quite refreshing and really a first of its kind. It is kind of a show where the characters talk directly into the cameras in certain scenes that come throughout the series, like in a documentary format and partly an unscripted style of acting or improvised version of acting.

From the beginning of this series, it has received favorable reviews from TV critics and has gathered numerous awards and wins in many award-giving bodies. The reception of the show was incredible. The casting was also good and it fits right on the actual character that each actor portrays.

If you have watched the Arrested Development comedy series, you will surely fall on this sitcom as well. Both has a similar story of families that shows multiple kinds of family interest in one structure and it usually tackles the most valued aspect of a family, and that is by means of their communication.

Modern Family show depicts the changing times of family lifestyle, how it is changing and how we deal with it, in which the characters raises some awareness on that. Each episode, creatively and well written and the show is just a complete package. If you are looking for something close to your heart and something that, you feel exciting and at the same time, something you can relate to, then Modern Family is for you.

Among the characters are Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, Rico Rodriguez, Julie Bowen and many more. After winning on Emmys, the ante of the show rises a bit higher and that calls for more interesting and funny story lines, which for sure will not only keep up with our expectations but also our taste for intelligent and entertaining shows on our TV.


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