For someone who has worked in any call center or outsourcing business, Outsourced is definitely a television series you can relate to. The show has a lot of touch on reality and it reveals the cultural difference in a certain office premise without making it look racist or offensive.

Usually the scenarios are based on the culture clash between mid-stream, Midwestern America and the Indian call center employees, which could have been ugly or boring. This is neither. There’s a  light relationship banter, reminiscent of "Better off Ted," that keeps the characters interesting, and sets the stage to await further developments.

Outsourced is an American television sitcom set in a call center or outsourcing type of office in an Indian environment. Based on the Outsourced movie by John Jeffcoat film, the television spin off was picked up by Universal Media Studios for NBC.

Set in Mumbai, India, where an American Novelties company has recently chosen to outsourced its order processing. Todd Dempsey, portrayed by Ben Rappaport is a Kansas City native who is transferred to India to run the call center for Mid America Novelties. He then, flies to India to train his team of customer reps about the American popular culture to his employees at the same time understands Indian culture.

On his stay in India, he learned many things Indian. The utter charm of this show is in the storytelling from Todd's point of view; Rappaport's simple, untraveled Todd embraces the vast cultural differences he encounters in his new home with delight.

The bad news of NBC’s decision to cancel the show was a bit disappointing. Hopefully another network will pick it up and do another production as a continued plot of story to this and the film. The show does not only give us an insight on the kind of workplace people deal with in a call center or off shoring business but also educate us on other people’s culture and personality away from the stereotypical racism and clouded judgment.


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