Once again Jonathan Nolan and J.J discount levitra online. Abrams proved that a great recipe for a television show is not at all the same thing as other great television show, as CBS opened its doors to another program to add to its most favoured TV Show to date, the new thriller Person of Interest.

If you have watched Tom Cruise’s Minority Report, then you will not get lost of the concept of this show. The series smartly digs on the post 9-11 anxieties and traumas, thus initially being exposed on as crimes are easily detected before it can even happen. Only without the pre-cogs who predicts and identify who’s gonna commit it.

In this series, there is a computer program which is designed by the mysterious Mr. Finch (Michael Emerson), a billionaire genius enlisted by Homeland Security to design pattern recognition software to sort through all the newly authorized Big Brotherish social surveillance for signs of another terrorist attack. The program also spits out a second group of patterns, those that predict smaller crimes. To prevent these, Finch seeks out the services of Reese (James Caviezel), an ex-CIA agent so undone by the death of his lover that he is presumed dead.

On the first draw of episodes, you will see him riding the subway, almost as if lost – unshaved and unkempt, smelling liquor and enveloped with hallucinating dreams. Suddenly, group of young thugs attempt to pick on him, and he goes all quick and fast. Taking them down like a sinister cop. Taraji P. Henson playing cop tries to figure him out and by the time his prints reveal warrants for crimes he commit all over the world, Reese was gone.

Michael Emerson’s character here is just outstanding like the one he did for Lost as his character Ben Linus. He hires Caviezel to prevent crimes from happening. It may be a different twists from the old style of solving cases for a thriller shows like this, but most definitely something that is watchable and something to look forward to.


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