If you are an avid reader or a follower of any Psychic thriller with a touch of fun or comedy then this TV show must be right for you. Psych is a TV series that not only promotes detective comedy-drama but also add some interesting areas of expertise on psychic manipulation.

Others call it the modern Sherlock Holmes representation. Similarly compared to Holmes incredible observation skills, James Roday as Shawn Spencer’s character plays the role of a detective psychic. During the pilot episode, at his young age, we see Spencer’s father expected him to become a police officer. However, although he has no desire to be a police officer, a certain incident will change this.

Using his ability of observation, he tipped the police yet was almost tagged as a suspect too. He then said he was more of a psychic and made the people believe by using a lot more of his observational skills giving a resolution to the case, and the rest is history.

In reality, some people get excited with any Psychic activity. We are prone to get curious on how these people shows of f their antics on other people, the only difference is the character is simply pretending to be a psychic but in fact uses his skill to solve crimes using the skills he developed as a child.

Every year, many new TV series emerge and Psych may be doing a good job in sticking to their label. What is great about the program is that it actually centers on the process of Spencer’s view. If you are an audience watching it on the television, it gives you more access to what is really happening to his way of observing. Psych is well received from its initial released and still doing well on ratings as of to date.


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