A one-night stand is not entirely uncommon, but what if that single night of passion produces a child? This is the premise of the TV comedy series Raising Hope where the lead character, James ‘Jimmy’ Chance, played by Lucas Neff, tries to cope with the responsibilities of being a single father. The concept is refreshingly different given that the more common set-up is a woman acting as a single mom.

The plot is given even more twists when the supposed mother of the child was meted the death sentence after being found guilty of killing a number of her former boyfriends. Obviously,the father of the child, Jimmy, is the only one who was spared from the killing spree, so he ended up having custody of the baby who has been named Hope.

If you adore babies and could hardly get tired watching them utter various unfathomable words or innocently play around, Hope will steal your heart and funny bones away. Played by two different babies surnamed Cregut, Hope is one bundle of joy and wonder in front of the TV camera. Still, there is more to Raising Hope than just Jimmy and his baby daughter.

A few other characters, mostly coming from the immediate family of Jimmy, make the series a case for psychologists. For instance, the mother, Virginia Chance, portrayed by Martha Plimpton, gave birth to Jimmy at the tender age of 15, and was abandoned by her mother two years after she was born. This left Virginia in the care of her grandmother who told her lies as to where her real mother is.

Despite having a flawed family, Jimmy is determined to raise Hope as normally as possible. Unfortunately, having no idea on how to raise a baby, Jimmy inevitably encounters a number of funny and not-so funny experiences along the way, but nevertheless gets the needed help from his family. In this regard, when watching the series, keep in mind that in spite of the fact that the theme is rather serious, Raising Hope is a comedy program, so it is best to enjoy its run.


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