I was able to watch an episode of Raising Hope in one sitting and it was a total package!
Raising Hope is one entertaining comedy series that actually got my attention. Hilarious, funny, and smartly written for this comedy series, it brings a new level of style for the plot lines of the comedy drama.

The premise of the program starts with a 23-year-old guy, who is responsible in raising his infant daughter after the baby’s mother, sentenced to death for killing multiple boyfriends. Lucas Neff as “Jimmy Chance”, a harmless and kind-hearted person, left with no choice but to keep Hope (the baby), and allow his eccentric family to help him raise his daughter.

Along with Lucas Neff, Emmy Award winner Greg Garcia joins the casts, as well as Martha Plimpton, Garret Dillahunt, and Academy and Emmy Award winner Cloris Leachman joins the casts too.

The family comedy series, had received rave reviews from all different sectors of media critics, noting it as one of the provocative series to date. The way of writing depicts imaginative assertions and at the same time, a little complicated from the start. It gives you the feel of a Modern Family setting with a little touch of drama and few funny lines that expressed in a seemingly natural way.

Raising Hope keeps getting better especially now that it has turned its page on the second season. Each character played by all the great actors that are involved in the show is exceptionally a spot on! The script flows on naturally and it is as if you are just simply talking realistically to someone you personally known. The producers made the right choice on their lineup of actors and have done an amazing job putting up a very realistic script lines.


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